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The Dr. Fried & Partner team consists of dedicated inhouse specialists who share a totally professional approach to consulting work. We enjoy working on clients' projects and are always fully aware of the responsibility which these assignments entail. We treat not only the trust which clients place in us but also the projects which we undertake for them with a corresponding degree of trust, respect and confidentiality.

People advising people – that's how we see ourselves as management consultants. We regard carrying on a dialog on equal terms with the client as a key factor for success just as much as our own know-how and methodological skills.
The two managing partners of Dr. Fried & Partner,
Dr. Markus Heller and Stephan Haller, are responsible for active control of the consultancy and head the project teams in close collaboration with our clients.

Complex projects call for in-depth know-how. Our team of experienced consultants have the specialist knowledge which clients are looking for.

Inhouse Team
These consultants enjoy the unfailing support of our inhouse team, which not only relieves them of much routine work but also plays an active role in the company's project work.