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Sales and Marketing

As well as our competency in the field of "traditional" marketing, we undertake the development of customized sales, marketing and service concepts. This involves projects in the CRM, quality management and sales controlling sectors, for example.

In the case of CRM projects, we focus primarily on integrated multi-channel concepts involving the intelligent networking of conventional sales channels, call centers and the internet. We also use purchaser and partner data as the basis for the development of segment-specific client recruitment and support concepts.
Our holistic consulting concept is excellently suited for the implementation of CRM projects:
  • Processes clearly focused on the client
  • Preparing and supporting personnel within the organization
  • Introduction of effective technical solutions (e.g. client databases, campaign management tools)

In the sales & marketing sector our goal is to enhance quality while at the same time ensuring a high degree of cost effectiveness. By employing quantitative and qualitative performance measurement systems, coupled with our concept for the creation of sales controlling and quality management tools and methodologies, we – together with the client – are able to come up with optimal solutions for the achievement of this goal.