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We see ourselves as providers of a holistic consulting concept. We examine each challenge in depth, concentrating on three pivotal factors: people, processes and technology. Coupled with our focus on the more technical and detailed aspects, this approach ensures that the results which are ultimately achieved always take full account of the "bigger picture".

Our consulting concept guarantees end-to-end accompaniment throughout the entire cycle of a project – from initial analysis through the development of a concept to final implementation. During each phase of the project we make full use not only of our experience but also of specific tools and methodologies, thus ensuring efficient management of the task which has been set.

Within our core competencies "Tourism & Transportation" and "Sales & Marketing", we offer our clientele proven expertise backed up by wide-ranging project management skills and many years' experience in these specialized fields. This expertise is the platform on which we provide our clients with continuous support for the development and practical realization of innovative concepts.

Competency means efficiency. Our experts have many years' in-depth experience of our specialist areas and are familiar with their clients' business activities. Because of this, and thanks to the continuous observation of selected markets and sectors, we are able to save a great deal of time and money at the analysis stage.

Using the reference process models we have developed, our standardized procedures for market research projects, our "flashlight" analytical method and our technical tools, we examine processes, calculate process costs and times, and pinpoint scope for optimization.

Whether in the development of corporate strategies or the selection of IT systems, our holistic consulting concept (people, processes and technology) is ideally suited for the concept development phase. We are motivated by the desire to create – in close collaboration with the client – a concept that will fit the requirements of the project precisely.

We work consistently and transparently to ensure the transfer of knowledge to the client. Our strength is that we involve clients so intensively in the conceptualization phase that they soon have an awareness of the timetable for implementation.

Our success centers on our ability to realize a concept which we have developed. Our range of services extends from professional project management through training and implementation support to ensuring the success of the project by means of coaching or reviews.

Clients benefit from our broad experience of interim management as well as from our management coaching in specialized fields. In certain cases we involve our clients in the planning, development and needs-based implementation of training programs on a range of specialist topics.

Travel and Transportation
Thanks to our long-established relations with clients, the expertise and consultative services of Dr. Fried & Partner are highly esteemed in our sphere of business – on which we have made a lasting impact with our skills and competencies covering each stage of the value chain.

Our range of consulting services includes developing and/or reorganizing service and sales units, developing sales, marketing and product strategies, creating commission models, and undertaking process cost analyses. We also help our clients with personnel recruitment, the reengineering of purchasing processes, and the selection of IT systems which best suit the tourism sector.

In tandem with our projects in the field of Tourism & Transportation, we undertake various industry-specific studies, including our monthly Tourism Sales & Marketing Trends Index.

Sales and Marketing
One of our key competencies is the development of consulting concepts specifically geared to sales & marketing operations.

In the case of CRM projects, we focus primarily on integrated multi-channel concepts involving the intelligent networking of traditional sales channels, call centers and the internet. We also use purchaser and partner data as the basis for the development of client recruitment and support concepts.

The objective of our quality management and sales controlling projects in the sales & marketing sector is to enhance quality while at the same time ensuring a high degree of cost effectiveness. By employing suitable performance measurement systems and applying our concept for the creation of sales controlling and quality management tools, we are able to produce optimal solutions for the projects in question.