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As brief as possible, as detailed as possible, as comprehensive as necessary – that sums up our approach to analysis work. Our experts have many years' in-depth experience of our specialist areas and are familiar with our customers' business activities as well as the benchmarks in the different sectors, thus enabling us to undertake this project phase speedily and efficiently.

Thanks to the continuous observation of selected markets and sectors, we are able to save a great deal of time – and our clients' money – at the analysis stage. We have developed standardized procedures for our market research projects and use state-of-the-art technical tools for our studies (e.g. online surveys, software-based questionnaires) and analyses (e.g. SPSS).
Our "flashlight" analytical method identifies optimization potential in the operational and organizational structures of sales & marketing units. When analyzing individual processes we make use of the reference process models we have developed ourselves. A software-based tool facilitates the precise evaluation of process quantities, types and times, enabling us to create a solid basis for reengineering processes and determining process costs.